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Arbitrum Eco burst, which protocols to Focus?

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With the approaching of Shanghai's upgrading, L2 chain Arbitrum is experiencing a new wave of growth, with TVL increasing by over 60% in just one month, surpassing Polygon to rank fourth. Despite without a token issue, as a crucial part of Ethereum's upgrade, Arbitrum has always been a highly focused Layer2 scaling solution.

Currently, the Arbitrum ecosystem boasts over 300 projects spanning various fields such as DeFi, NFTs, cross-chain, oracles, and wallets. Among the Arb native projects, GMX, a fee surpassing Ethereum, multi-chain lending protocol Radiant, and the rapidly growing Camelot have caught our eye on them.

GMX: What else except for leverage?

GMX is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange. You're allowed to trade futures up to 50 times leverage without KYC.

Users not only profit from longing/shorting contracts, but the protocol also helps liquidity providers and governance token holders earn revenue through various fees generated in trading (such as part of the transaction fees and Olympus bond income).

30% of the fees generated from spot trading and leverage trading are distributed to GMX stakers in the form of ETH (on Arbitrum), and the remaining 70% is allocated to GLP holders.

While enjoying high returns, please be cautious of the risks that come with high leverage, contract risks, and the associated risks posed by GLP as a counterparty in trading.

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RDNT: more approaches to earn than lending

Radiant Capital (RDNT) is a multi-chain lending market built natively on Arbitrum. With Radiant, assets can be lent and borrowed on different chains or L2s without the need to move them across chains. By integrating liquidity across multiple chains, Radiant optimizes the utilization of funds.

Earnings for participants in Radiant include:

  1. Interest paid by borrowers;

  2. RDNT rewards provided to borrowers

  3. Rewards for providing liquidity to RDNT/WETH;

  4. RDNT staking rewards, and interest earnings for lending staked RDNT.

Currently, the size of the Radiant lending market is around $460 million, and nearly $6 million in incentives have been paid to RDNT stakers, with the current APR maintaining at 60%.

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Camelot is a community-driven native DEX and Launchpad on the Arbitrum chain, with a current lock-up amount of $70 million and a three-fold increase in the past month, showing strong development. Users can trade already liquid tokens on the Trade page, and also add liquidity to earn profits. Users can also convert GRAIL (the official governance token) to xGRAIL, which allows for platform revenue sharing and increased mining profits. Additionally, users can participate in the Launchpad to obtain tokens offered in public sales.

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