Tweet to Earn

TwitFi is the Largest Tweet to Earn Project🥚🐥

You can earn tokens just by tweeting!

Wanna play?

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🔥🪙About T-Points🪙🔥

✅ T-Points are awarded based on the amount and duration of staking.

✅ Staking awards 0.1 T-Point for every 1,000 TWT staked for one hour.

✅ Plans to open TP Shop where you can shop with T-Points.

✅ Special items such as vaccines can be purchased at TP Shop. Vaccines cannot be purchased in TWT.

✅ Lucky drawing for Rare Eggs and Epic Eggs on BSC according to the amount of T-Points held. Further details will be announced.


TwitFi is currently in Beta Phase. The contents of the white paper could be changed in the future and are not guaranteed to work. Especially for various figures, are subject to change, so please check the latest white paper version. TwitFi uses game items and tokens, but does not guarantee their monetary value and will not compensate for malfunctions or other problems.