Activity time: 04/12/2023-04/26/2023

ETH Shanghai Upgrade Millions of trading bonus awaits

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How to participate
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Join and deposit

Click the Join Now button, complete deposit of 50 USD and above till campaign ends.

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Make your first trade

The more you trade during the activity period, the greater rewards you might earn.

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ETH trading bonus

Earn 2 times bonus rewards when buying and selling ETH.

What is ETH Shanghai Upgrade?

The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade is a game-changing enhancement that makes Ethereum 2.0 even faster and more efficient, introducing a new way of charging for transactions and upgrading the core protocol layers. This upgrade will enable even more decentralized applications (dApps) to run on the Ethereum blockchain, revolutionizing everything from distributed ledgers to gaming platforms.

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Benefits of ETH Shanghai Upgrade

The Shanghai upgrade will implement a number of important improvements to Ethereum. Among them is the ability for ETH Beacon Chain validators to withdraw both their staked ETH and accrued rewards. Smart contract functionality has also been improved with the introduction of EVM Object Format (EOF), giving smart contract developers more possibilities to build on the Ethereum 2.0 platform.

SH upgrade

The Future of Ethereum

The Shanghai upgrade is an essential step in the evolution of Ethereum. Not only will this update improve security and lower gas fees for users, but it will make things much easier for developers who want to create their own apps on the platform. With all the new features that come with ETH 2.0 and the Shanghai upgrade, Ethereum is well on its way to becoming the world's most powerful decentralised platform – one capable of changing how we use technology in our everyday lives.


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