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January 17, 2023 - Reward pool is fully distributed

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Activity Reward Claiming Steps

Step 1

Apply to become an OKX lead trader, pass the review and obtain permission to lead trades

Step 2

Adhere to high-quality trading and bring profits to copy traders

Step 3

Traders whose profits sharing are positive at the weekly settlement will receive an additional 2% bonus (equivalent to a 20% increase in the original profit sharing)

Activity Rules Details

  1. Example of profit sharing bonus: Lead trader A trades with follower users B and C within the week, helping B and C earn 1,000 USDT and 2,000 USDT respectively. Lead trader A will earn a profit sharing of 300 USDT (3000*10%), and OKX will reward an additional 60 USDT (3000*2%).

  2. Check the detailed rules for platform profit sharing here.

  3. Profit sharing bonus will be issued every 3 weeks, within 5 working days after the settlement day.

  4. Review of application: we will review trading data and personal introduction one by one in the order in which they are submitted. Please truthfully introduce your personal historical trading performance.

  5. After passing the review, you still need to complete the leading configuration on the OKX platform before you can start leading trades.

  6. OKX has the right to disqualify users who use malicious behaviors to obtain bonuses, including opening multiple accounts to obtain additional bonuses and other behaviors involving illegal, fraudulent or harmful effects.

  7. OKX reserves the right to modify the terms of this event. Subject to change without notice.

  8. OKX reserves the right to final interpretation of this event. If you have any questions, please contact OKX's business partner or customer service team.