14 November 2023, 10:00 UTC - 01 December 2023, 21:59 UTC

Back to school: Learning Bots on OKX

Ready to hit the books again and master new knowledge? This time, instead of traditional grades for tests, your efforts will be rewarded with prizes in USDT. Sounds enticing? Watch our expert videos on trading bots, participate in the quiz, and win rewards from a prize pool of 5000 USDT!

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How to participate?
Number 1


Click the “Participate” button to take your place in the OKX classroom and earn rewards for completing assignments. Get ready to soak up the knowledge!

Activity 2
Learn and Earn

500 USDT

Watch the tutorial video, subscribe to our channel on YouTube, and answer the quiz questions. The 100 most diligent students will receive a reward from the prize pool of 500 USDT.

Number 3
Put into practice

1500 USDT

Apply the knowledge you've gained in practice, launch a trading bot, and execute transactions for over $500 to get a chance to win from the prize fund of 1500 USDT.

Number 4

3000 USDT

For top students only: increase your trading volume to $25,000 or more to qualify for a share of the $3,000 USDT pool. Your efforts and diligence will be rewarded!

Why Bots on OKX?

OKX has a wide range of tools for even the most experienced trader! DCA, grid bots, arbitration and even unique signal bots will help your strategy become more profitable in different market conditions!

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How can I learn to trade using bots?

Especially for you, we have prepared a video with our experts who will show you how to open bots and what strategies may be interesting in different phases of the market. Subscribe to the Youtube channel to know more! Join community, if you have any questions related to campaign.


Why Trading on OKX?

OKX: Your Choice for Crypto Trading. OKX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering a wide range of Web 3.0 services. With innovative trading tools, opportunities to engage in the latest crypto projects, and exclusive offers for users, OKX emerges as the perfect choice for traders of all levels. Thanks to high liquidity and optimized trading mechanisms, OKX ensures fast and reliable order execution.


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