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OKC partners with the Achain ecosystem


OKC, a public blockchain independently developed by world-leading digital asset exchange OKX, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Achain ecosystem.

What is Achain?

Launched in 2015, Achain is a decentralized public blockchain committed to building a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions. Achain’s philosophy and technical mission are to build a boundless blockchain reality. The protocol was originally developed by the Achain Foundation, a Singapore-based nonprofit organization that is maintained by a community of fans around the world.

To offer a more stable and secure network for decentralized applications, Achain proposed technological innovations — such as modular designs and smart sandboxes — in its early development in 2015. The Achain ecosystem consists of decentralized applications for exchanges, marketplaces, entertainment and finance. 

Currently, Achain is in its second stage of development — dubbed “Achain Galaxy.”

OKC and Achain partnership details

OKC’s partnership with the Achain ecosystem involves the intercommunication of DApps and the integration of the Achain Galaxy ecosystem.

Intercommunication of DApps

Achain’s DApp intercommunication is powered by cross-chain technology. Despite the growth of public blockchains and decentralized applications, platforms that facilitate data exchange across multiple blockchains are limited. The partnership between OKC and Achain aims to facilitate data exchange and communication among DApps.

Achain is a public blockchain based on a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The protocol has a built-in logical volume manager and supports Lua as a smart contract language. 

The OKC partnership enables developers to diversify use cases built on Achain. Additionally, the partnership facilitates data transfer between decentralized applications built on Achain and OKC. The tokens and digital assets built on Achain can be seamlessly integrated into OKC’s ecosystem — which can be used in swap products and exchanges in OKC.

Integration into the Achain Galaxy ecosystem

The partnership also integrates services built on Achain and OKC — such as wallets, block explorers, on-chain data analytics, governance tools and community management. Governance tools include node analytics, voting and proposal applications. 

Developers working with Achain and OKC can share resources — such as open-source codes, software-development toolkits, wallet applications and knowledge bases of smart contract deployments.

Achain uses the Value Exchange Protocol to facilitate data transfer with participants in OKC. The VEP facilitates the better migration of various data on the blockchain — such as personal credits, digital asset records and community consensus data. Furthermore, the VEP helps streamline the operations of accounting systems, creating a unified payment standard and transmission protocol.

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