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OKX accelerates NFT adoption with DeFi Hub, NFT Marketplace

2021.09.02 OKX Public Relations

OKX continues its commitment to the advancement of the crypto industry and decentralized finance with the launch of DeFi Hub 

NFT Marketplace

OKX, a leading global cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, today announced the launch of a decentralized digital asset ecosystem, DeFi Hub. The platform currently features two core products: NFT Marketplace and DeFi Dashboard.

The NFT Marketplace is an end-to-end NFT platform built to empower creators and inspire collectors. Via the platform, anyone can buy, sell and trade NFTs directly, with zero fees paid out to OKX. What makes NFT Marketplace even more unique is that anyone can use the platform to mint their own NFTs of any kind, using the OKC or Ethereum blockchains.

OKX believes that NFTs are changing the landscape of art and entertainment by making it easier than ever for fans to support their favorite creators and for artists to mint and trade unique, collectible pieces. The creation of DeFi Hub signals the company’s commitment to protecting the interests of creators by giving them lasting incentives in the subsequent sales of their work.

Newly minted NFTs will be available for sale on NFT Marketplace and creators are given the flexibility to set their own royalty fees. Royalty fees for creators are then paid out to them in every subsequent transaction on NFT Marketplace’s secondary market. The NFT Marketplace also lets users import NFTs that have been generated on other supported platforms.

DeFi Hub also offers a way to view and manage decentralized assets across major blockchain networks and DeFi protocols. The DeFi Dashboard displays both a full portfolio view, as well as a separate view for digital collectibles. 

To use DeFi Hub, like any decentralized application, users need to connect their decentralized wallet to the platform. OKX’s own multi-chain, decentralized wallet, OKX Wallet — which launched as a browser extension earlier this summer — is also available via the OKX mobile app as of today. 

“The NFT market is growing rapidly in popularity, creating a need for a comprehensive system for managing NFTs,” said OKX Director Lennix Lai in a statement. He continued: 

“With DeFi Hub, we’ve created an NFT Marketplace that will accelerate NFT adoption by making it easier than ever for anyone to create, exchange, and sell NFTs. We’re also thrilled to launch DeFi Dashboard to bring much-needed improvements to users’ visualizations of their cryptocurrency portfolios.”

OKX is committed to the advancement of the crypto industry and actively supports the development of decentralized finance infrastructure, alongside consumer-friendly DeFi products. In June 2021, OKX introduced high-performance decentralized blockchain OKC to decentralized app developers, adding Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility soon after. Now the launch of DeFi Hub, including NFT Marketplace and DeFi Dashboard, is ushering in a new wave of innovation for NFTs and the larger DeFi ecosystem.

About OKX

Founded in 2017, OKX is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchanges. OKX has innovatively adopted blockchain technology to reshape the financial ecosystem and offers some of the most diverse and sophisticated products, solutions and trading tools on the market. Trusted by more than 20 million users across the globe, its mission is to empower every individual through the promotion and advancement of cryptocurrencies globally.

In addition to the exchange, it serves its users with OKX Insights, a research arm that is at the cutting edge of the latest trends in the cryptocurrency industry. With its extensive range of crypto products and services, its unwavering commitment to innovation, and its local operations to serve its users better, OKX strives to eliminate financial barriers and realize a world of financial inclusion for all. 

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