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Academy OKX Press room Article

OKChain Goes Open-source while OKB Keeps Expanding Its Ecosystem

2020.05.15 Vivien

The latest Ecosystem Report of OKB, the global utility token adopted by OKX(www.okex.com), for April 2020 was released by the OKB team on May 13. During April, OKB expanded 4 new ecosystem partners, involving gaming, decentralized exchange, public chain service and hardware wallet, while the new function “Convert Small Balances to OKB” was launched on OKX as well.

The report also mentioned the latest progress of OKChain. Only two months after the launch of its testnet, OKChain achieved 100% open-source in April and pioneered the concept of a business alliance. As of today, the first batch of ecological partners has been assembled, including public chain, wallet, explorer, mining pool, and others.

Besides, OKB launched several community campaigns, including a 2-year anniversary to offer a 2 million USD-equivalent OKB in total for sale at a 20% discount.

OKChain activated the vitality of OKB

OKChain is the commercial public chain developed by OKX which went open-source on April 16. The cross-chain technology allows OKChain for seamless integration with various mainstream public chains, such as Cosmos, BTC, and ETH, etc. Adopting the concept of “OpenDEX” concept”, OKChain provides a high degree of autonomy to participating nodes, enabling node runners to develop DEX and dApp or decide which cryptocurrencies and trading pairs to list in a permissionless way. Besides, OKChain also became the first to allow all DEXs to operate on a peer-to-peer blockchain network.

OKB continues to expand its ecosystem

In April, OKX launched the “Convert Small Balances to OKB”, which allows users to swap their small amount of assets (less than 0.001 BTC) into their OKB accounts.

Apart from that, OKB reached cooperation with 4 new ecosystem partners on-board, including BetProtocol, well-known underlying protocol provider for blockchain games, WhaleEx, one of the world’s largest decentralized trading platforms, Dappbirds, to support public chain development, wallet services, Dapp chain reissue, Defi, Dex, et and Ellipal, a new generation crypto hardware wallet.

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