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Academy Beginners Tutorial Article

How to buy, sell and convert crypto on OKX Lite

2022.08.12 Rick Delaney

OKX strives to make crypto accessible for everyone. We know that joining the digital currency revolution via a powerful, multi-featured exchange platform like ours can be daunting to newcomers who just want to buy, sell and swap crypto assets. That’s why our mobile app offers a simplified user interface called OKX Lite. 

This beginner-friendly guide will walk absolute newbies through making their first crypto purchase using OKX Lite. It will also show how to swap one crypto for another and sell digital currency for traditional currencies. Let’s go!

How to buy crypto on OKX Lite

To make the most of our industry-leading crypto ecosystem, take complete control of your finances and explore the worlds of DeFi, NFTs, blockchain gaming and more, you’ll need to buy some cryptocurrency. On OKX Lite, you can buy crypto with many different traditional currencies via popular payment methods, including credit and debit cards.  

When you first log in on the mobile app, OKX Lite will be active by default. Tap the switch icon highlighted below to get started buying crypto.

Then, tap Buy.

Select the crypto you want to buy. You can search for cryptocurrencies using the asset’s name or ticker symbol (e.g., BTC) in the search bar or scroll through the cryptos we offer to find it. 

Use the highlighted menu to select the traditional currency with which you’ll pay. 

Next, enter the amount of crypto you want to buy using the preset buttons (when buying with CAD, AUD, EUR, USD or GBP) or the numeric keypad below. You can enter the amount in either the payment (traditional) currency or the crypto you want to receive. Use the highlighted switch icon to toggle between the two. 

If you need to change the payment currency, use the highlighted menu. 

When you’ve entered all the details, tap Continue

On the next screen, select the payment method you want to use. You can choose between credit or debit cards, our peer-to-peer express platform and various third-party payment processors. The available options will vary slightly depending on your location, payment currency and the amount you’re buying. For this demonstration, we’re using a debit card.   

If it’s your first time buying crypto with a credit card on OKX Lite, you’ll need to verify your identity. Tap Add a debit or credit card to begin. 

On the following screens, enter your verification information and tap Next.

When your identity is verified, you can continue adding your credit or debit card. First, agree to the terms of service. Then, enter your card information and tap Continue

After adding your card, reenter the amount you want to buy using the numeric keypad or preset amounts and tap Preview.

Check the details on the “Buy preview” screen and tick the box to indicate that you agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. If you’re using the card you just added, the checkbox will be ticked already because you previously agreed to the terms. Then, tap Confirm

The next screen will confirm your purchase. 

How to sell crypto on OKX Lite

OKX Lite makes it easy to sell crypto for traditional currencies. 

First, tap the switch icon highlighted below.  

Then, tap Sell

Now, select the crypto you want to sell by searching for it or scrolling through the assets supported on OKX. It’s worth noting that not all cryptos are available to sell immediately. Those marked with “Convert” must be swapped for a supported asset first. Follow the steps in the next section of this tutorial to learn how to convert crypto on OKX Lite. 

You can also choose from the traditional currencies you’ll receive from those supported using the highlighted menu. If you can’t find the currency you’re looking for from the list, you can also convert the crypto to a stablecoin using the convert feature described below to protect yourself from the cryptocurrency’s price volatility. 

Next, enter the amount you want to sell using the numeric keypad or the preset amounts. You can enter the amount in either traditional currency or crypto. Tapping the highlighted switch icon will toggle between the two. 

You can also choose which payment method to use by tapping the highlighted button. 

When you’ve entered the details, tap Continue.

A pop-up will appear with different receiving options. Tap the payment method you want to use. 

The next screen will redirect you to the payment processor you selected. Carefully check all the details once more, tick the box to show you agree to OKX’s terms and tap the Go to button highlighted below. 

You’ll then be prompted to complete a two-factor authentication check using either an authenticator app or an SMS message. This additional layer of security helps protect your crypto if your account becomes compromised. 

Enter the code from your authenticator app or that you received by SMS. Then, tap Confirm

You’ll be redirected to the OKX partner’s website you selected earlier. Enter your details as prompted and submit any identification documents required. 

When you’ve finished, your payment should arrive within the time frame stated by the third-party provider, and you’ll be redirected back to OKX Lite again. 

How to convert crypto on OKX Lite

Once you’ve bought some crypto, you can quickly swap it for another digital currency using OKX Lite’s convert function. 

From the OKX Lite home screen, tap the switch icon. 

Then, tap Convert

On the “Convert” screen, tap Select crypto beneath “From.”

Now tap the crypto asset you want to swap from the list of supported cryptocurrencies. 

Enter the amount you want to convert and repeat the above process to choose which crypto you want to receive. Then, tap Preview.

Check the details on the Conversion preview screen. Then, tap Confirm

The next screen will confirm your conversion. Tap Done to return to OKX Lite or Go to Portfolio to view your crypto in the “Portfolio” section. 

OKX Lite: Crypto for everyone

OKX Lite is the easiest and safest way to take part in the financial revolution cryptocurrency is ushering in. With our simplified mobile app, you can buy, sell and convert crypto assets in a convenient, user-friendly way. You can also monitor your portfolio and generate passive income on your crypto assets with our powerful OKX Earn products.

OKX Lite makes crypto accessible to everyone. Game on! 

Disclaimer: This material should not be taken as the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation to engage in investment transactions. Trading digital assets involve significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.